Vodka Therapy

Producing Vodka at Home

Vodka is sold everywhere in the world and many commercials are being made to help selling Vodka. Donít trust the commercials because the best alcohol is made of rye. Of course, you can use potatoes, wheat, beets. You can also use some kinds of berries and add some buckwheat, oats or barley to make good alcohol. However, you can also use everything that would ferment. For example, even corn leaves can ferment. This alcohol wonít be as good, because the alcohol that has been made of rye has very good taste properties and it has lesser essential oils. Besides, you have lesser headaches if you drink good alcohol made of rye.

Producing Vodka is difficult. If you want to get soft Vodka, you should use soft water from the beginning when you make it. Good producers of Vodka pay a lot of attention to their water choice because it affects the quality of their product. They usually take water from the rivers high in the mountains or from natural springs. The water that was taken from there is very clean.

There is another important aspect of a highly qualified alcohol production. It is the malt. In the middle Ages, the rye malt was being used for this purpose, and later they started using beer malt. Nowadays specially grown and clean cultures of the trembling are being used.

The preparation of alcohol starts with preparation of the fermenting mixture by mixing the components in needed proportions. Then using a special machine, they distil the alcohol.

The recipes of Vodka production
There are many ways to product Vodka and we will tell you how to prepare it from the grain, potatoes, beets and rowan. However, if you would like to prepare alcohol from any berries the recipe is just like the one from rowan.

The recipe of Vodka production out of grain:
You have to pour 20 liters (5, 3 gallons) of hot soft water; add 8 kilograms (17, 6 pounds) of grain, mix it very well. Then add 20 more liters of hot soft water wait a little and then pour the same amount of cold water. After that add 100 grams (3, 5 ounces) of trembling. It takes the mixture 3 to 4 days to ferment and than you can distil it.

The recipe of Vodka production out of potatoes:
You need 1 kg (2, 20 lbs), you have to chop it up and then crash it with a plunger.
After that, you put it into a tank and then pour some boiling water to get 20 liters (5, 3 gallons) of mixture. Then you add 1 kilogram (2, 20 pounds) of rye flour and 50 grams (1, 8 ounces) of rye straw. The turbid sediment appears in two hours. The liquid is being poured out but the sediment remains in the tank. Then you add some warm (50oC), mix the mixture very well. After some time you should pour out the liquid from the tank and mix it with the liquid that you poured out before. After that, you let it ferment. However, the alcohol that you get by this recipe is not strong.

The recipe of Vodka production out of sweet beets:
You need to fill up the 10-liter (2, 6 gallons) tank with chopped beets. After that, you have to fill it up with water and cover it. Then you boil it for one and a half to two hours. Pour out the water and then do the same thing with the remaining beats twice. The poured out water is called the Beet-water. Two kilograms of Poltava grain mix with 5 liters (1,32 gallons) of the Beet-water and place it into a warm place. Five days later add 15 more liters of Beet-water. Two more weeks later, you can distil the alcohol.

The recipe of Vodka production out of rowan:
You need 1 kilogram (2,20 pounds) of rowan. Grind the rowan and put it into a glass tank. Add 10 liters of fresh bread kvass and add 50 grams (1,8 ounces) of trembling. Place the mixture into a warm place. The temperature should not be lower than 17oC. The mixture will start fermenting. When the mixture stops fermenting, you can start distilling the alcohol. We advise you to distil it for 3-4 times.

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